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Learnatic® is proud to introduce 'Write to Excel'

Literacy & Language Support for Australian Schools

It is the right of all individuals to be able to access, comprehend and construct language for the purposes of survival, well-being, self-expression and the opportunity to excel in any area of life one chooses. Currently, Australian Schools are working hard to ensure every student develops the necessary language skills to excel at school and throughout life.

In response to the recent decline in English Literacy Performance amongst Australian secondary students, Steadfast Language & Learning (creators of Learnatic® products) has introduced a whole-school English Language and literacy initiative, designed to be used as part of a multimodal approach to improve literacy outcomes for all students within secondary schools.

The initiative is based on the implementation of 3 basic English instructional materials used consistently from the beginning of secondary school, right through to senior exams. Learnatic®'s 'Write to Excel' provides solid structures and scaffolds that, when used consistently from year to year, will streamline and firmly support the development of essential language skills without disrupting the flow of lessons or interfering with the individual programming of teachers.

The materials have been trialed successfully by individual students, generating reports of improved understanding, confidence and clarity in senior English studies with some students noticing a natural transfer of their new skills to other subjects, resulting in subsequent improvements in general school performance.

There are many reasons why you should consider this approach for your school.

  • Clear and simple to implement
  • Cost effective (with flexible options for schools/parents)
  • Addresses targeted core language learning areas
  • Embraces and encourages technology and blended learning
  • Tools are appealing and motivational to secondary learners
  • Does not require extensive staff training and restructuring of programmes
  • Designed by an English Language and Literacy Professional
  • In line with results and outcomes of current secondary school literacy research (2007-2014)
  • Individual consultation and support available to tailor and monitor implementation
For more information about Learnatic®'s 'Write to Excel' initiative, please send us a quick message on our Contact us page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.