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Our Philosophy - 'Changing Minds in Changing Times'

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The world is exciting and dynamic. Now, more than ever, our daily lives are filled with new opportunities, new forms of communication and new ways of achieving our goals. Education is no longer limited to textbooks and teachers in front of a classroom. Along with so many other aspects of life, learning is changing dramatically, schooling is changing dramatically and many would agree, even our bodies and brains seem to be evolving to adapt to new ways of doing things.

As a result, there is currently a huge diversity amongst educators in terms of pedagogy and practices, some willing to wholeheartedly embrace complete reform into technology-based methods and others, who continue to lean towards the solidarity and security of more traditional styles of learning. In the midst of all this change are the students, many of whom are feeling generally confused about what is expected of them, how to study, and how to stay organised and in control of their learning. This is no one's fault in particular, just the result of exciting and changing times, but nevertheless, it should not be ignored.

As the creators of Learnatic® products, we believe in strongly empowering students through these times by helping to reduce stress and feelings of being overwhelmed, particularly in relation to final senior exams and the build-up that occurs throughout the final years of school. We aim to provide students with clear systems and tools to simplify and clarify processes – helping them to identify what they need to know and how best to learn it. We believe in embracing learner-centred, technology-rich methods of accessing and organising information while still acknowledging and utilising the fundamentals of tried and tested basic skill learning. We encourage a hands-on, tangible learning experience where the true value of education is not lost in the novelty of technology, but rather is maximised by the scope, efficiency and availability of new and exciting resources.

By accessing the merits of both these theories in combination, students are equipped with skills that will enable them to smoothly transition into the new and limitless possibilities of the future; a future that they are already playing a vital role in creating.