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Who Are We?

Heidi Stead
Heidi Stead

Learnatic® is a product range of Steadfast Language & Learning. Director, Heidi Stead, is qualified and experienced in English Language and Linguistics with specialist knowledge in the application of language in education.

Heidi brings to Learnatic® over 15 years' experience in English Programme Management, Corporate and IT Language Consulting, Specialist English Teaching, and more recently, Educational Product Development. Heidi's passion for language and education is the driving force behind every Learnatic┬« resource. She prides herself on being actively and personally involved in every step of the research, design and distribution process for all Learnatic┬« products to ensure the quality and educational rationale behind each product is never compromised.

As part of her commitment to education and the pursuit of improved outcomes for all English students, Heidi keeps herself immersed in language matters at both a national and international level. She is an active member of numerous Language Education Groups, participating regularly in forums and discussions on language-based issues with other English Language professionals from all over the world and has presented at national and international conferences and seminars on various English language-related topics. In 2014, Heidi was invited to become an advisory board member of an international journal of English Language studies. She is also listed in the World Wide 'Who's Who' Register of Successful Women for her contributions to teaching and education. Heidi holds a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics, a Post Graduate Diploma in Language and Literacy Education and a Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Linguistics.

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In recent years, Heidi has gathered together an outstanding team of professionals to assist at all stages of the development of Learnatic® products. Together, Heidi and her team are dedicated to producing quality learning resources and related products that directly meet the needs of secondary learners during these times of significant change in education.

We aim to firstly identify, through observation and discussions, the key areas that teachers and students recognise as being difficult to master within the time constraints of the secondary school curriculum. We also attempt to identify any factors, academic or otherwise, that are preventing students from learning and performing at their best. The next step is to work towards overcoming these barriers through the creation of innovative and inspiring solutions that complement classroom and home study.


The Learnatic® brand of products is designed to simplify the learning process and provide clear and practical tools that can be used right throughout high school and beyond. Through these products, Steadfast Language & Learning hopes to make a significant contribution to the education of secondary students in Australia and also offer teachers some new ideas to complement and reinforce the valuable work they do in classrooms all over the country every day.

We hope to continue expanding our product range as new resources are researched, tried and tested and so we welcome with gratitude your feedback on not just our current products, but any suggestions or ideas for new products also.